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Getting A Yes
Directed by
Matt Web

Getting A Yes.jpg

Bing is nervous about making a big call, but his manager Matt is there to pump him up. 

3 min 27 sec       Friday Film Block 3


Directed by

James Winegar, Alexander Kramer


Taking the quote from Theodore Roosevelt "The Man In The Arena", this film reminds us to dare greatly, to strive valiantly and to push to achieve.

4 min 59 sec      Friday Film Block 3

Well Done
Directed by
Carlos Eduardo Plummer

Well Done.jpg

A routine-oriented and overly organized chef prepares a meal primed to perfection - for her own taste, that is.

5 min      Moqui Cave

The Sprout
Directed by
Austin Schadewald

The Sprout.jpg

A lonely gardener gets more than he bargained for when he plants some mysterious seeds.

5 min       Moqui Cave

Last Train from New Orleans
Directed by
Jacob Hamblin

Last Train from New Orleans.jpg

Hunt Showdown Inspired Short Film 

A group of outlaws unknowingly hijacks a train carrying dangerous cargo destined for anywhere but the corrupted swamps of New Orleans, where an insidious evil is slowly seeping out from the Bayou..

5 min       Friday Film Block 3

Books "R" Us
Directed by

Dan Mcbride

Books R Us.jpg

Sophie's parents are making her get a job. She really just wants to "do the Kardashian thing" and be an influencer.

4 min 9 sec      Friday Film Block 3

Low Fidelity
Directed by
Jason Conforto

Low Fidelity.jpg

A young man in a record shop is bombarded with relationship advice from an unexpected source.

4 min 20 sec      Saturday Film Block 4

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