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Directed by
Kiran Kondamadugula


Priya in her fifth month of pregnancy expresses the desire to move back to India and Sid obliges as he sees this as an opportunity to move past his dark secret relationship. The couple throws a big bash before the day of travel to their friends and families. Sid wakes up in the morning completely naked, the entire house is empty and Priya is missing. Sid goes on a thrilling quest. What happened to Priya? Why was Sid’s Identity wiped out? Is Sid hiding something?

1 hour 54min

Everybody Wants to be Loved
Directed by
Katharina W

Everybody wants to be Loved.jpg

A blisteringly hot summer day. Psychotherapist Ina notices something is wrong with her. But she doesn't have time to worry about it: Patients are waiting at the practice, her daughter is threatening to move in with her father, her boyfriend wants to emigrate to Finland, and her self-centered mother is celebrating her 70th birthday. Ina wants to please everyone. But then everything changes. 

1hr 20min 

The Stolen Valley
Directed by
Jesse Edwards

To save her dying mother, a timid Mexican-Navajo mechanic bands together with a wild outlaw cowgirl to escape gangsters and take down a corrupt landowner in South Utah. Lupe and Maddy discover a great injustice destroying many lives. They confront many deep-seated wrongdoings of the past, and choose to redefine their future by demanding equality and

1hr 44min


Curse of Crom
Directed by

Rob York

Curse of Crom.jpg

High school teenagers accidentally unleash an ancient Irish entity on their hometown and must stop it before midnight on Halloween.

1hr 32min

Curse of the Werehuahua
Directed by
Lucas Millhouse

Dustin and Gary (best friends till the end!) are forced to navigate their way through a modern day myth as soon as Dustin is bitten by a radioactive chihuahua. Once a curse takes hold of Dustin, Dustin and Gary are forced to run for their lives from the monster slayer, Van Helsing.

2hr 1 min

Curse of the Werehuahua.jpg
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