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You See The Vision

Put your brand in the spotlight at our film festival and connect with a one-of-a-kind audience comprising individuals from Kanab, across the nation, and around the world,

all converging for this exciting three-day event and our free monthly film series.


The Kanab Film Fest stands as a beacon of cultural enrichment in the heart of Southern Utah, bringing people from all corners of the globe together for a film and food experience. This festival plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration and bringing films to Southern Utah.


Furthermore, Kanab Film Fest founders, Britt and Jeff Roth, go beyond the fest’s annual ceremony and provide a free monthly cinematic offering, the Redstone Film Series, as a testament to the their commitment to enhancing the cultural fabric of Southern Utah.


Your generous support as a “Visionary Patron” at the Kanab Film Fest holds immense significance in ensuring our region continues to thrive as a hub of artistic expression, and your sponsorship not only empowers the festival’s growth but also nurtures the spirit of creativity and global connection in the heart of Southern Utah, creating a lasting impact that resonates far beyond the red rock landscapes.


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