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Directed by
Ben Vasion


Tobias, a recluse, wakes up one morning to the sounds of an intruder in his home.

7 min 24 sec      Saturday Film Block 4

This is Not Home
Directed by
Kaylan Walker

This is Not Home.jpg

Hopeless romantic Daniel keeps getting in his own way while looking for love.  However, that isn't stopping his shadow.

12 min 26 sec      Moqui Cave

A Moving Picture
Directed by
Alyssa Namazi

A Moving Picture.jpg

"A Moving Picture" is a black and white, 1920s-style silent film.  When theatre director Edmond spots Adeline admiring his play instead of sweeping backstage, he decides to take a chance and make her a star.  Little does he know that he will soon find himself falling for his leading lady and fighting for his happy ending.

17 min 3 sec      Thursday Opening Night

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