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The Princess and the Formaldehyde Specimen
Directed by
Adam Peterson

The Princess and the Formaldehyde Specimen.jpg

Tia’s dreams of becoming a princess are turned upside down when her magical kiss with a frog doesn’t go quite as planned…

4 min 50 sec

Chasing Shadows
Directed by
Tanner McCowan


Chasing Shadows.jpg

Hopeless romantic Daniel keeps getting in his own way while looking for love.  However, that isn't stopping his shadow.

11 min

The Last Goodbye
Directed by
Ben Vasion


The Last Goodbye.jpg

When faced with an inevitable life changing event, a young man wrestles with 15 years of withheld feelings.

12 min 23 sec

Going Home
Directed by
Colin Phillips


Going Home.jpg

Two brothers return to their childhood home after news arrives that due to the recent death of their dad, the house will soon be destroyed. They work together to retrieve their mother's urn hidden inside as an unexpected creature complicates the situation.

19 min 41 sec

Directed by
Alex Astrella



An orthopedic surgeon reflects on how faith and perseverance allowed her to turn a tragedy into something incredible.

16 min 16 sec

Don't Listen to the Cricket
Directed by
Joe Fink


Don't Listen to the Cricket.jpg

A man can't sleep due to an annoying cricket.

6 min 37 sec

Directed by
Colby Clanton



A high school senior finds himself trapped in a conference room with serious allegations aimed his way.

16 min 30 sec

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