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Ora Et Labora
Directed by
Jena Burchick and
Mark Burchick

Ora Et Labora.jpg

What does it mean to follow one’s calling into an abbey and a brewery? Inspired by the growth of the American craft beer movement, a group of Catholic monks in Spencer, Massachusetts produces America’s first “Trappist-certified” beer, a historically European tradition that offers an opportunity for the community to preserve their unique way of life.

17 min     Friday Doc Block

How To Make
Bánh Tét

Directed by
Isaac Seigel-Boettner

How To Make Bánh Tét.jpg

For the nuns of Đức Viên Temple, wrapping thousands of these rice-filled offerings isn't just a celebration of Lunar New Year. It is a way to bring the Vietnamese diaspora in San Jose together, building community for the next generation.

9 min     Friday Doc Block

Whales of the High Desert 
Directed by
Joseph Adam LeBaron

Whales of the High Desert.jpg

Whales of the High Desert explores the story of James Wickham; an Englishman who was reported to have brought whales to Great Salt Lake in the 1870's. 
Though his story was reported as 'true' in newspaper articles in 1888, the truth of this local Utah legend no longer matters as the debate around its veracity has uncovered a greater truth—the Great Salt Lake is dying—and if we want to keep legends alive, we have to keep the very real Lake alive that can support the legends. 

22 min      Thursday Opening Night

Shawn Bradley: Strangely Grateful
Directed by
Angie Denison

Shawn Bradley Strangely Grateful.jpg

At 7’6” Shawn Bradley is one of the tallest men in the world, and his 12 seasons in the NBA brought him fame and fortune. His height and athleticism have always defined him. A bicycle accident stole that from him, leaving him paralyzed. Confined to a wheelchair, his colossal size is now a challenge without medical precedent. His years as an athlete helped prepare him for the physical hardships he now faces, but it is his faith, family and friends that give him the courage he needs to push forward. While his life has been altered in ways he never could have imagined, he and his wife Carrie are carving out a new life together. Their new normal is anything but ordinary, and through it all they remain strangely grateful.

45 min    Friday Doc Block

Das Pickle
Directed by
Eric Treml


Das Pickle.jpg

A German immigrant pickle-making family and their pursuit of the American Dream is challenged by the ever changing world affected by climate change,  gentrification, and covid. The pursuit of happiness served sweet & sour. 

20 min     Saturday Closing Night Films

Two Wheel Curiosity
Directed by
CJ Murr

Minimal Movie Poster.jpg

In the arid expanse of Las Vegas, "Two Wheel Curiosity" chronicles Scott DelGiudice's metamorphosis from an uncertain novice to a cycling virtuoso since 1994. Fueled by a borrowed mountain bike and scorching desert trails, Scott's journey unfolds through a gripping interview and captivating visuals. From solo century rides to the symphony of wind, the film transcends sport, becoming a metaphor for life's transformative journey.

5 min      Friday Doc Block

The Road Scholar
Directed by
MD Wilson


A professor goes on the road seeking the entrepreneurial spirit and finds lifelong lessons in potholes, of pigtails, from people along the 50-state journey.
29 min  39 sec    Friday Doc Block

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