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Directed by
Krushan Naik


Ryan De Vries, a professional canyoneer, encounters a near-death experience in the canyons of Southern Utah. Post accident, his friends and family witness a changed person as Ryan battles with himself due to the trauma caused by it—crippling his everyday life. The documentary highlights Ryan's struggles after losing his identity, along with the disparity in his journey of physical recovery, mental healing, and emotional resurgence, and how they affect one another.

19 min

Do I Take The Bunny With Me?
Directed by
Marcelo Radulovich

Do I Take The Bunny With Me.jpg

The work of a prominent S.F. Bay Area artist thrives during his unimaginable struggle with A.L.S.

56 min

Hairstylists Change The World
Directed by
Elizabeth Faye and Trevor Haugen

Hairstylists Change The World.jpg

Can hairstylists change the world? Can YOU change the world? Come on a journey as we explore the profound impact we all have. Hairstylists make people feel seen, heard & loved. What makes this connection so unique & how can we make this connection possible with others in our day to day lives? A film to remind you that we are all changing the world every day & are all part of the ripple effect. 

39 min 51 sec

THE FIRE CATS - Save Something Small
Directed by
Katharine Parsons


THE FIRE CATS – Save Something Small is the inspirational story of a group of animal rescuers who devoted months to rescuing cats who survived the Tubbs wildfire that was hot enough to melt glass and to return them to the families who had lost everything. The experience transformed everyone: the rescuers, the cats, and the fire families. But a year later, when the monstrous Camp Fire wiped out Paradise, the authorities tried to stop them.

1 hr 20 min

The Story of Michael Carbis
Directed by
Dan Fowlks


The Story of Michael Carbis.jpg

This work was commissioned by Silver Reef Historical Society and Arts to Zion in telling the story of Michael Carbis; a mine foreman in Silver Reef, UT and his tragic demise in 1880.

11 min 6 sec

Stone Poet
Directed by
Tom Johnson


Stone Poet.jpg

Sculpting poetry and emotion in stone, Daniel Newman creates compositions of ethereal beauty and romance. Beginning with a 900-pound block of Portoro Mable — he carves, grinds, chisels, hammers, and polishes a work of love.  In another life Daniel was a rocket scientist — but now, surrounded by the red rocks of Sedona, in a studio that only a stone sculptor can embrace, his worn and leathered hands gently caress the block into a strong and elegant living existence that both he and the stone agree on. His creative process is truly astonishing. At 90 years old, Daniel Newman is the Stone Poet.

17 min 48 sec

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