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Social AnnXiety
Directed by

Jason C. Brown

Social AnnXiety.jpg

Everyone loves a party. 
For Annie, a social gathering is an opportunity to live out every worst-case scenario before stepping foot through the door.  
Really, what's the worst that could happen?

7 min 15 sec    Saturday Closing Night Films

Phase III
Directed by
Numark Ricafranca

Phase III.jpg

In a dystopian nation where people's lives are determined based on 3 phases, a 13-year-old living in the monotonous, coercive, repressive, and repetitive life cycle of phase II attempts to progress to phase III hoping for a better life.

12 min    Friday Film Block 3

Unrest In Peace
Directed by
Thomas Jiang

Unrest in Peace.jpg

Dan and Ashley discover that their home is haunted by the ghost of Liz, Dan’s former girlfriend. Liz becomes determined to scare Ashley out of her relationship with Dan with a series of supernatural pranks. Ashley’s resolve will be tested as she must find a way to make peace with Liz before one of her pranks goes too far. 

 12 min 45 sec    Moqui Cave

Death & Taxes
Directed by
Matthew Morris

Death and Taxes.jpg

Death & Taxes focuses its lens on Chester, PA - a small Black city in the midst of a violent state of emergency. Through a layered analysis of the absurdity of being numb to death, our lead is a hyperbole of this phenomenon-a mortician's assistant working overtime to pay for his brother's funeral.

16 min 40 sec   Friday Doc Block

Cycle Vérité
Directed by
Adam J. Graves

Cycle Vérité.jpg

When Don’s beloved vintage bicycle—a gift from his now-estranged father—is stolen off its rack, his carefully-managed life is thrown into chaos. As he sets out to recover the stolen bicycle, he finds himself drawn into a cycle of truth and deception, giving and forgiving, in which he is forced to confront his troubled relationship with his wayward father.
Cycle Vérité, which was itself created by a father (writer/director) and son (editor/producer) team, explores the paradoxes of forgiveness, and how familial wounds can echo across generations. 

15 min 45 sec    Saturday Closing Night Films

Sleep Tight
Directed by
Michael Seabolt

Sleep Tight.jpg

Preston’s adoptive parents Daniel and Kate think that he is just going through a phase, but Kate fears it may be more because of Preston’s haunted past.  Are the monsters in Preston’s closet his past coming back to haunt him?  Or is it just another kid with an over active imagination?  One thing is for sure, its going to be a night everyone will remember…

11 min 27 sec    Moqui Cave

Meat Cute
Directed by
Errol Teichert

Meat Cute.jpg

Two strangers have a chance romantic meeting when they both think of the same place to dump a corpse.

14 min 45 sec    Moqui Cave

The Ghost In The Road

Directed by
Andy Matthews

Aaron Tharp

The Ghost In The Road.jpg

On Halloween night, a troubled man receives a visit from a mysterious trick-or-treater who delivers more tricks than treats.  

12 min 40 sec    Moqui Cave

The Time Machine
Directed by
Ebrahim Ghaeini

The Time Machine.jpg

A short film of memory and time. The Time Traveler returns to London which triggers vivid recollections of Morlocks in an underground tunnel and his unique bond with Weena, an enigmatic Eloi.

11 min 15 sec      Moqui Cave

Directed by
Michael Richard Wiest, Celine Held & Logan George

Screenshot 2024-03-28 at 9.54.59 PM.png

After a young man returns to his recently deceased father's home, he makes a shocking discovery, where he consequently must decide whether he can accept the truth about who (or what) his dad really loved.

12 min    Thursday Opening Night

Directed by
Jackson K. Segars

Kimchi PromoSMALL.jpg

Marrying into a Korean-American family in disarray, a Japanese-American man hides away with his camera and discovers a hidden connection with his future grandfather-in-law

14 min 23 sec     Saturday Film Block 4

Visual Description
Directed by
Lauren Smitelli


As a brother and sister describe what is happening in a movie to their blind grandmother, they begin to realize they see things differently.

8 min       Thursday Opening Night

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