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Loose Change: A Memoir of Childhood
Directed by
Andrew Bateman

Loose Change.jpg

A man-child sets off to buy a new cage for his beloved hamster, but is enticed into a world of hedonism. He must become resourceful to make ends meet

8 min 11 sec

The Sounds of the Outdoors
Directed by
Austin Schadewald

Sounds of Outdoors.jpg

A husband and wife deal with unkind visitors at the campground.

6 min

Nightmare at Camp Bloodbath
Directed by
Dylan Arnow

Nightmare at Camp Bloodbath.jpg

After discovering their lodge totaled by a neighboring camp, two counselors are stalked and prayed upon by the local legend Terrance Fisher in his slapstick parody.

 6 min 20 sec

Water Babies
Directed by
Josh Garretson

Water Babies.jpg

A couples desperately wishes to have a careful what you wish for. 

13 min 39 sec

Wrong Way Down
Directed by
Errol Teichert

Wrong Way Down.jpg

A young man reflects on his time with his best friend in the wake of her death, pleading to know why she left. 

16 min 2 sec

Directed by
Garrett Martin


Eulogy is a short film about Galena Madrigal’s relationship with her father, and how passing moments from childhood can take on new meaning later in life.

12 min 40 sec

Directed by
Caleb Hatton


A man faces his inner demons, all while being observed by his son.

6 min 4 sec

Directed by
Paul Amstone


A man finds himself in a peculiar situation after he accidentally kills a woman.

5 min 56 sec

Little Judas
Directed by
Greg Boose


Little Judas.jpg

Young and mischievous Judas Iscariot dreams of ruling the streets of Nazareth while reluctantly befriending his strange and annoying new neighbor, Jesus of Galilee. The kids attend the first day Josaphat's School of Shepherding, learning how to handle bear attacks and first crushes.

6 min 26 sec

2022 Fruitcake Challenge
Directed by
Michael Richard Wiest, Russell Carl Gearhart


2022 Fruitcake Challenge.jpg

Josh and Matt have always been competitive. And when it comes to baking fruitcake, the stakes have never been higher! Who will win this years bakeoff when these two frenemies return once again to battle it out.

8 min 37 sec

All I Want
Directed by
Laura Schmitt

All I Want.jpg

Some "wants" we never think to ask for because we already take them for granted.

5 min 43 sec

Directed by
Jake Albrecht


Being neighborly can go a long way and make an impact in someone's life, 
maybe even your own.

6 min 52 sec

Directed by


Simon Shaw and his compatriot Isabella Hughes are the sole surviving members of an outlaw gang after a train robbery goes awry. Their only hope now is to flee across the barren wilderness before their injuries kill them or the Marshal does.

30 min 13 sec

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